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Dr. Seible attends the prestigious General Conference of Academics in Beijing

Publish Time:2016-7-27 17:34:22

On May30th, three major Chinese technology conferences opened in Beijing - the National Congress of China for Science and Technology, the National Technology Innovation Conference, and the Conference of Academics for the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr.Seible, President of SECI and foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to attend the conference.

During this important time, central government leaders participated in high-level meetings and delivered important speeches. As 2016 marks the beginning of the 13th Five-Year plan, the conferences aimed to deepen innovation development.

Chinese President Xi Jinping set the target for China to become a leading power in science and technology (S&T) by the middle of this century.

China should establish itself as one of the most innovative countries by 2020 and a leading innovator by 2030 before realizing the objective of becoming a world-leading S&T power by the centenary anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2049, Xi said.