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  • Civil Engineering and Construction Analytics

    As a third-party service provider for construction engineering, SunTech’s services provide important data and relevant analysis to contractors, designers, and supervisors by condition monitoring and risk analysis during construction to ensure project

  • Baishahe Pearl River Bridge, Guangzhou Metro line 6

    Inspection of stress, inspection of cable force, monitoring of structural deformation and vibration.

  • Haikou Century Bridge

    Inspection of visual bridge defects, measurement of structural dimensions, nondestructive examination of concrete, measurement of permanent settlement of abutments and piers, measurement of the alignment, test of cable force, static load test, dy

  • Guangzhou Metro Line 14

    Analytics of subgrades, deep foundation pit, and shield structure

  • Guangzhou Metro Line 21

    Analytics of deep foundation pit, shield structure, subgrades, slope, and bridge construction

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